Troubleshooting Guide

Most Panther-related problems are due to a lack of a routine maintenance interval. Please beware that a non-maintained Panther is a non-functioning Panther! All Panther unions should be finger tight. Do not use teflon tape, pipe dope or pipe wrenches.


Problem Solution
Loss of Water Volume Panther is to small for application. Replace with larger Panther Water Stabilizer.
Panther Water Stabilizer core is facing the wrong direction in housing. The core opening should face the water supply.
Water Leaks at Panther Unions Union is missing the "O" Ring
Union was overtightened and stretched the "O" ring. If "O" ring does not fit in seat, replace "O" ring. All Unions should be finger tight.
Loss of Performance Panther Water Stabilizer is in need of maintenance. Follow maintenance procedure.
Stabilizer maintained but still doesn't perform Improper maintenance performed. Acid is the last step. Always dry rub core with a clean cloth.
Check plumbing system for "dissimilar metals."
Loss of Performance because core discolors in 30 days or less City Water: High chlorine levels in the water. Use a high quality carbon block filter before the Panther Water Stabilizer.
Well Water: High levels of iron or sulfur. Call 1-800-571-6637 for special system price to remove these elements.
If Problems Persist Call 1-800-571-6637 for assistance. Do not call retail outlet.

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