The Panther Water Stabilizer maintenance schedule will vary according to the degree of contamination in the water. For instance, water with high iron or chemical content causes the core to lose its effectiveness more rapidly. In that type of situation, the unit requires a more periodic cleaning schedule. In another instance, where there is no or a very low iron content, the unit will run for an extended period without any maintenance. Again, the maintenance period will depend upon the degree and source of contamination in the water flowing thru the unit. Declined performance will indicate when the unit needs servicing. Despite the source of contamination, the unit cleaning procedure consists of the following steps.

Steps in Maintaining Your Panther Water Stabilizer:

1. First, remove the core(s) out of its housing and Wire Brush.
Next, in a plastic container with 30% muriatic acid solution submerge metal(s) for 30 sec - 1 minute or until metal returns to its original color.
3. Flush with clean water, dry and rub with clean cloth and replace.

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