These four photographs illustrate the installation process outside the home using a meter box partially filled with sand.

As you can see, the area is excavated, the Panther is installed inline into the system and then the meter box is set in place.

The earth around the box is replaced and the box is partially filled with sand.

The lid can then be easily removed for periodic maintenance of the Panther.

For an installation where an interior plumbing loop is not available. Units are designed of PVC. When installing onto copper (or galvanized): use female threaded copper fittings and glue in male threaded PVC fittings into the Panther. This is best since PVC will split before copper.

Pre-filtration is not always needed, however, it will remove large particles, rust and sediment. When a filter is used before the stabilizer, Panther maintenance intervals are further apart. (For example: City of Austin water does not require prefiltration. San Antonio, Round Rock, Pflugerville areas do require prefiltration. Selecto Filter is recommended). Note: Dissimilar metals must be insulated.


The illustration below shows where to install the Panther Water Stabilizer to treat 100% of the water passing through the boiler.


Plumbing Specifications

The Body of the Panther Water Stabilizer is 12" long and is attached to pvc sch 80 ends (4" long ea.). The system comes complete with quick release victualic clamps and pvc sch 80 ends. The overall length of the system is 20" long.

The plumber will glue on bushings, reducers and 2" male pvc sch 80 threaded ends onto the Panther provided sch 80 ends (standard 2" pvc sch 80 pipe). The plumber will then sweat on 2" copper female threaded ends onto the existing (ie.1-1/2") copper pipe. Thread on the pvc ends once the pipe has cooled and clamp on the Panther. Ball valves on both sides will isolate the Panther and prevent drainage. A bypass will allow Panther maintenance without interruption of water service. If a bypass is not feasible then isolation valves are highly recommended.

A bypass line can be made up of smaller lines and valves. For example if a facility has a 2" main water line the Panther is going on to, a 3/4" by-pass will suffice.

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