Features & Benefits

The Panther Water Stabilizer offers three basic features:

  1. Elimination of scale deposits. Removes existing and prevents future build-up.
  2. Corrosion Control. Removes existing corrosion and prevents rust. Controls pitting due to entrained gases.
  3. Eliminates most unpleasant odors.

Some benefits from the three features above are:

  1. Prevention of scale and corrosion The Stabilizer will aid in maintenance of scale-free plumbing and fixtures. This ensures a more satisfactory and continuous operation of all systems, increasing efficiency.

  2. Softens and removes existing scale deposits The Stabilizer will aid in the removal of existing scale in your plumbing, water heater and fixtures. Systems attain optimum performance through better heat transfer.

  3. Eliminates the need for treatment chemicals Thereby reducing ongoing maintenance costs and extending the useful life of equipment.

  4. Easy installation without the need for an energy source The Stabilizer is extremely easy to install. Available in many sizes to meet your needs. The Stabilizer does not require an electrical source of any kind, therefore; can be installed in remote locations.

  5. An increase in water volume and protection of your plumbing from corrosion. The Stabilizer removes entrained gases, one of the chief causes of pitting on metallic surfaces.

  6. The removal of calcium deposits in your appliances, other utensils used in hot water, an increased life, efficiency of your hot water heater and other appliances using water.

  7. Personal Care Pamper your skin with a soap-free sensation! Soft, fluffy, luxurious hair without "frizzies" or "tangles."

  8. Increased efficiency of soaps and cleansers. Decrease in the amount of soap and detergents used. Household cleaning time for bathtub, toilet, and lavatory is shorter since residue wipes away quickly. Grime and grit go down the drain and unsightly stains vanish. Washing machines deliver whiter and brighter washes with much less soap or fabric conditioners. You'll experience easier removal of grime and film when washing windows and automobiles.

  9. Reduction in the need for fertilizers. In agricultural applications, plant root systems will stay clean and absorb more nutrients. Soil will retain moisture for long period of time, thus producing a higher yield of greener and healthier plants.

  10. Most of the unpleasant odors disappear.

  11. Fights Pollution You will become a part of the answer rather than a part of the problem in our nation's fight against POLLUTION. Discontinue the use of detergents with high phosphates. Decrease or limit the use of water softeners, and reduce the salt and chemicals that too often end up in our aquifers lakes and streams.

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