Improving Water Quality

The water that comes into our homes and offices goes through a curious and lengthy set of processes. Chemicals are added into our water by treatment plants. Sediment, bacteria, and other particulate matter get picked up along the way and are not caught at the treatment plant. Other compounds, such as prescription drugs, have been found in tap water, as these are not always completely filtered out. Iron, sulfur, calcium, magnesium and other minerals flow along towards the tap and contaminate our water with odors and deposits, building up in plumbing lines to reduce the flow of water towards zero.

These unfortunate events cause a town to earn a reputation for having "bad water." We spend thousands of dollars (on top of our water bills) on bottled water, tap filters, and water refills. Citizens are eventually forced to replace sinks, faucets and plumbing pipes due to the deterioration of such appliances from poor quality water.

All this time our method has been to bandage and ignore the root of the problem. Instead of treating symptoms perhaps it's time to look at removing all these detrimental compounds before they enter our homes. Through total water refinement we first soften and filter the water, removing the things which cause the unpleasant smells and the scale that is building up in our pipes, and finally returning our water as close to its natural state as possible through a reverse osmosis system.

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